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May - 22
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Benefits and Side effects of Mk677

Mk677 or Ibutamoren is a selective agonist that is mainly used by athletes and bodybuilding communities. Initially, this product was used to treat muscle wasting disease and osteoporosis. Selective agonists work by binding themselves to certain receptors in the bone and muscle tissues. Ibutamoren or mk677 has been proven to be effective in enhancing muscle repair, growth, and weight management.

MK677 is healthier and safer than conventional steroids. This means that one can get the desired results by taking one pill daily. It can also boost metabolism, lean muscle tissues, burn fat, strengthen bones, and increase energy. These are some of the properties that make it very popular amongst lifters, fitness enthusiasts, and bodybuilders.

How Does Ibutamoren Work?

Ibutamoren works by encouraging the body to produce natural growth hormones like Ghrelin and Insulin-like Growth Factor 1. In essence, it is a mediator for growth hormones in the body tissues and cells. Ghrelin, or GH, commonly referred to as the hunger hormone, plays an important role in regulating homeostasis.

An increase in this hormone makes the body produce and utilize more energy. This, in turn, makes the body to consume or burn more calories. GH is one of the anabolic hormones responsible for muscle recovery, repair, and growth. It has also been found to be effective in promoting the preservation of muscles. It is also useful in promoting muscle wastage and fat gain.


The following are the surprising health benefits associated with MK677:

  • Increased muscle mass– An increase in muscle mass is one of the lucrative benefits of ibutamoren.
  • Reduced body fat-Your body will burn more calories after taking this product. Increasing the levels of growth hormones will encourage your body to burn more fats instead of gaining muscles.
  • Increased Sleep Quality– Most people feel amazing after taking MK677. It can also make you feel rested and thus improve your sleep quality.
  • Increased skin and hair health– Your hair and skin will look better after taking this product. It is effective in enhancing the growth and production of hair follicles as well as promoting their healing. This, in turn, results in thicker and faster hair growth.

Cycle Length and Dosage of Ibutamoren

The recommended dosage of MK677 is 10-25mg per day. A complete cycle lasts for about 16-20 weeks, but there are no effects of taking this product for a long time. To get the desired results, you should take a break of about five weeks after completing your cycle.

Side Effects of MK677

Ibutamoren has been proven to be safe for use, but it has few side effects on the user’s body. For this reason, ibutamoren should be treated with respect and care. In fact, it is much safer and healthier than anabolic steroids. Some of the mild effects associated with the usage of this drug include:

  • Joint pain
  • Water retention
  • Headache
  • Increased hunger
  • Reduced insulin sensitivity
  • Swollen extremities