Four Tips on How to Get Maximum Enjoyment from Cannabis

Oct - 27
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Four Tips on How to Get Maximum Enjoyment from Cannabis

Smoking the herbs after a long day of stressful work can boost the body’s immune system, appetite, and improve sleep quality. However, sometimes we consume cannabis not only for the practical purpose but recreational.

Here are four tips on how to get the maximum enjoyment of consuming cannabis.

Smoking with Friends

It is understandable if you smoke the joints by yourself in your room for sometimes, but sooner or later, you will feel bored of it. In that case, you should try to bring some friends in and smoke cannabis together.

For group use, cannabis is better to be smoked by using a vaporizer, but the large ones like Arizer Extreme Q or Volcano. Seal your room, prepare some munchies and some high-calories foods, and then lit up the device and get stocked!

Baking Infused Edibles

cannabis oilThe most common misunderstanding about edibles is that people use ground herbs instead of the extracted oil. The latter product is way more potent than the first, and it does not affect the food’s taste too much. Ground hemp has a little bit of bitter flavor.

If cannabis use is totally legal in your state, then there should have been some edible sellers already. However, you may not get the right dose and flavor. Baking edibles by yourself at home is always the best choice.

If you do not have any recipes, you should check these YouTube Channels: StoneyBologneBoys, Smokie’s Kitchen, RuffHouse Studios, and After Party. They have contents that teach you how to make cannabutter, cookies, brownies, and even lozenges.

Turning the Music On

music cassettesWeed can alleviate you to reach euphoria, a stage where your mind will wander aimlessly. You may recall either your happiest or saddest memories, depending on the latest external stimulants you receive. If you want to manipulate how your thought works when you are high, you can turn on some music.

You should choose a song or compositions with the desired atmospheres and emotions. If you want to dig deep into your biggest fear, then the horror-themed music will suit you. If you prefer to feel nostalgic and melancholic about a sweet memory in the past, then you should listen to a song that can closely represent that memory.

Achieving Higher Consciousness

higher consciousness illustrationThe chemical compound in marijuana is called cannabinoids. Interestingly, complex organisms all have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our body naturally secretes chemicals that resemble closely with cannabinoids from marijuana. When the body lacks the natural cannabinoids, it will stumble. And cannabinoids from cannabis plant can help our body to regain the balance (with moderate use).

Marijuana intoxication is far harmless compared to the other types: alcohol, cocaine, opium, meth, and acid. Therefore, you can safely consume cannabis products for relaxation and meditation on a regular basis. It will be a good way to improve your mental and spiritual health; as Jean-Jaques Rousseau said, “A drunk mind speaks a sober heart.”