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Jan - 19
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Selecting a Wedding Photographer

A wedding is an event treasured by many people. Marriage symbolizes the start of a new journey and two families are brought together. It is a memorable event and among the most critical parts is photography. That said, you should hire a photographer who captures the best shots. If you are about to wed, this article will guide you on how to choose the best Kelowna Wedding Photographer. Read on.


wedding photographerCost is an essential aspect in the selection of a wedding photographer. A wedding is an expensive affair by its own. And to get a good photographer, you must be ready to spend. Your photography budget should include the shooting fees plus additional costs of printing and framing if you want such. With a set budget, it is easy to choose a photographer within your price range. It is okay to try and save but beware of too cheap to be true offers.


Your style will determine the photographer you are going to choose. Note that, photographers have their wedding styles and it is up to you to select a one who matches your style. The worst mistake is to try to change the style of a photographer. If you do not like their style or it is not what you want, kindly look for another one. Set time aside to meet the photographer and ask for previous works. It is essential that the style matches that of your guests as well.


Wedding Do not be in a rush to choose a photographer. After finding one who matches your style, ask them for how long they have been working in the industry. Ask for at least three references. If they do not give you the contacts or they seem hesitant, take it as a red sign and look for another one. The best photographer is one who has been doing wedding photography for more than three years.

Get a Written Contract

As already mentioned, a wedding is a big event and happens once in a lifetime. After you have settled for a photographer, you want to be sure that they will come and deliver the best during your big day. To ensure that they do not disappoint you, get everything in writing. Draft a contract with all the terms and let both parties sign. If your photographer is not willing to sign the contract, look for another one.

Nov - 08
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Reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer

The most important part of a wedding is keeping the memories. When it comes to wedding photography, you need to hire someone who is skilled and experienced in photography. Many people tend to ignore hiring a Photographer for your wedding and give the job to a friend or a relative. This is the worst mistake that you can make for your wedding. You need to make sure that you give the job of photography to a professional. A professional wedding photographer will take care of all your photography needs and allow you to enjoy your day.

Why hire a professional wedding photographer?

High-quality pictures

One thing that you must appreciate about professional wedding photography is the quality of pictures. Wedding photographers have the best cameras and editing software to make sure that you get the best quality of pictures. It is now the thing to take pictures with your phone, but it is a different thing to have a professional photographer take your pictures. During your wedding, you need to keep the memories for your kids and also generations to come. You need to hire a wedding photography to help you with the wedding photographer.

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Advice on photographer

A time comes when you need to get advice on photography. You need to get photography advice that will help you capture important memories for your wedding. Most of the time the wedding photographer will give you valuable information on locations and the different wedding photography styles. You will be able to make an informed decision with proper advice on wedding photography.

Your guest will have fun

When you have a wedding photographer, your guest will have fun and enjoy the wedding. Since you will not give your guest the responsibility to take pictures, they will participate fully in the wedding. Your guest can relax, and you will also have peace of mind knowing that someone else is taking care of your photography while you have fun in your wedding.

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Timely delivery

Hiring a professional wedding photographer is a good way to ensure that you get timely delivery of your photos. Once you hire a photographer, you sign a contract that will show how the work will be performed. Most of the wedding photographers work with strict timelines, and this is important. After coming back from your honeymoon, you will find your photos ready for you.