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Jan - 19
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Selecting a Wedding Photographer

A wedding is an event treasured by many people. Marriage symbolizes the start of a new journey and two families are brought together. It is a memorable event and among the most critical parts is photography. That said, you should hire a photographer who captures the best shots. If you are about to wed, this article will guide you on how to choose the best Kelowna Wedding Photographer. Read on.


wedding photographerCost is an essential aspect in the selection of a wedding photographer. A wedding is an expensive affair by its own. And to get a good photographer, you must be ready to spend. Your photography budget should include the shooting fees plus additional costs of printing and framing if you want such. With a set budget, it is easy to choose a photographer within your price range. It is okay to try and save but beware of too cheap to be true offers.


Your style will determine the photographer you are going to choose. Note that, photographers have their wedding styles and it is up to you to select a one who matches your style. The worst mistake is to try to change the style of a photographer. If you do not like their style or it is not what you want, kindly look for another one. Set time aside to meet the photographer and ask for previous works. It is essential that the style matches that of your guests as well.


Wedding Do not be in a rush to choose a photographer. After finding one who matches your style, ask them for how long they have been working in the industry. Ask for at least three references. If they do not give you the contacts or they seem hesitant, take it as a red sign and look for another one. The best photographer is one who has been doing wedding photography for more than three years.

Get a Written Contract

As already mentioned, a wedding is a big event and happens once in a lifetime. After you have settled for a photographer, you want to be sure that they will come and deliver the best during your big day. To ensure that they do not disappoint you, get everything in writing. Draft a contract with all the terms and let both parties sign. If your photographer is not willing to sign the contract, look for another one.

Aug - 10

How To Find The Best Bridal Shop


It is every young girl’s dream to have a big white wedding some day. It all starts when she begins to understand the fairy tale stories read to her. Naturally, she is drawn to the flowing gowns worn by the princesses in the stories. With time, this desire to wear these dresses grows. Her wedding day is the best time to live her dream and fulfill her fantasies. In every wedding, the bride is usually the center of attention.

Which is why she always has to look her best and set the trend for forthcoming brides. Every detail counts as she familiarizes herself with the latest designs in the market. The bride has to organize her team perfectly and allocate befitting duties to those that offer to walk this journey with her. This is to say that the bridal shop she chooses must fulfill its duties to completion, precision, and perfection.

How to find the best bridal shop

crownEvery wedding gown designer claims to be the best. The challenge arises when the bride has to choose the perfect one. Not just the one that will do an ordinary job. The perfect bridal shop is the one that will cause her to stand out.

Here are some useful tips on how to find the best bridal shop

  • Stay close to your female friends. This is not the time to walk alone and do things on your own. You need all the help you can get to avoid getting stressed out. It’s even better when you walk with team up with the married ones that are just about your age. They have been there and have done that too. Nothing could be too complicated or tough for them to handle.
  • Go through the bridal magazines and note down a thing or two. These kinds of reading material are so resourceful and provide the information needed at that moment in time. For instance, its presumably your first time to walk down the aisle.
  • Ask your mother for advice. Even though some of us view her as outdated and old-fashioned, her presence and advice is needed every step of the way. Who knows? She might have something to pull out from her bag of tricks that you never expected. Mom is to be treasured at all times including this important day in a woman’s life.
  • Attend a friend’s wedding and learn a thing or two from what she has done. It won’t hurt to ask a few questions as the answers will go a long way in making your wedding day a success.

Benefits of working with a bridal shop

bridal shopTime is running out, and the best you can do is work with a bridal shop. These are the benefits:

  • They save your time. Because they’ve done this for long, they are fast and efficient.
  • Their work is splendid. If you trust in the bridal shop you are working with, you are in for some perfect results. They take their work very seriously and would never let a client down.